The Beginning

     Up until now, coffee had only been an after thought.  Then again, I primarily drank Starbucks or Blenz.  I always order lattes, caramel macchiato, and more often than not, white chocolate mocha – sweet drinks only.  When I ordered black coffee, I had to sabotage it with sugar and filled to the brim with milk or cream. I never knew how good black coffee truly is…

     During Summer 2015, I reunited with a friend in Hong Kong.  There was a specialty coffee shop that she loved, so we decided to meet there. The shop was a little hard to find, it wasn’t near any subway stop but it was gorgeous. It was a grey toned, wood accented… chemistry lab. At the time, all the coffee “making” methods were unprecedented to me, they looked almost magical. 

“This place is gorgeous! The baristas look like chemists!  What do you usually get? I would like to try their white chocolate mocha.”

“…are you serious? This is a specialty coffee shop. Try the black coffee, it’s delicious.”

” …black coffee is so dark and bitter though!”

“You probably only drink from the grab-and-go coffee shops.  Try the black coffee here, it’s great!”

     I hesitated, but since she had said that it was their specialty, I decided to give it a try.  It was an eye opening experience. I could finally see the true potential of coffee beans. The place was fun and aesthetically pleasing, and the service was clearly a step above.

Everything begins with an idea – Earl Nightengale

     I knew when I got home, I would try to brew coffee I wanted to drink.


Next Chapter : The Inspiration


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